Algebra I

The Mathematic Department has adopted a mathematic program entitled Saxon Mathematics. The Saxon Program is an integrated curriculum. We have Courses 1, 2, 3 and Algebra I.

Each course contains a series of daily lessons covering all areas of general Mathematics. Each lesson presents a small portion of mathematical content that builds on prior knowledge and understanding. Each lesson includes a problem solving set providing continual daily practice on all of the mathematics that students has covered since the beginning of the year.

The student’s placement within the Saxon Program will be based on a Saxon placement exam, standardized test scores, current grades and teacher recommendations.

This covers the Pennsylvania Academic Standards of Mathematics.

1. Accelerated Math will be used in Grade 8. Individual daily assignment
will be generated and scored.

2. There will be homework assigned every night. (20% of Grade)

3. Tests will be given as each student displays sufficient mastery of material and
will count as 80% of grade.

4. Notebook will be required and will be counted as a homework grade.

5. Projects will be assigned as needed.

6. Calculators will be used sparingly and only on an “as needed” basis.