Art Department H.S. Electives

Studio Art A, B, C:
This will be a three-year rotating-curriculum course (no prerequisite/recommended order). Students will be introduced to a variety of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional media and fields of art including drawing, painting, clay-working, sculpture, mixed-media, and design. Projects will serve to introduce students to the Elements and Principles of art & design as well as explore historical and current artists and their work. Observational drawing, composition, color theory, perspective, creative concepts, analysis and critique, and media techniques will be stressed. Upon completion of three years of Studio Art, students will have a strong portfolio that meets college requirements. Students will be required to keep a sketchbook.

INTRO to the Fine Arts: ART and DANCE:

(10th grade requirement/split with Intro to Fine Arts: Music and Dance.)

This is a 45-day art history based course beginning with the Paleolithic Period and ending in the 20th century. Students will gain a deeper understanding of art, architecture, and dance from around the world and throughout time and the impact that specific cultures and religions have had on them. Students will produce and analyze artwork as well as study various forms of dance through videos and movement.