English 7

This course covers the PA Core Standards for Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking, which can be accessed at www. pdesas.org.

This course is designed to help students transition from elementary level work to junior high level work. The curriculum for this course centers on building on knowledge and skills already acquired, specifically in the areas of reading literature and informational texts, writing, speaking and listening, and language. To meet the demands of the curriculum, students will read and analyze a variety of literature including several short stories, poems, and novels, including, but not limited to Friedrich, The Giver, and Three Cups of Tea. Students will learn to appreciate a variety of literary genres including poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. Students will learn the elements of fiction and figurative language.

In addition, students will do a study of grammar and learn to identify and properly use the parts of speech in their writing and speaking.Through composition of paragraphs and essays, students will be able to display an understanding of how to write complete sentences, demonstrate the rules of agreement, employ a variety of new vocabulary words, and learn to support a thesis statement.

Students will learn to work cooperatively and be expected to participate in classroom discussions effectively.Students will learn to research and write a short paper with a works cited page and citations, and present the material they have learned in a speech with accompanying multimedia presentation.