Family Consumer Science

The following courses cover the Pennsylvania academic standards for Family and Consumer Science.

Food and Nutrition - Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
Food and Fiber - Grades 9,10,11,12
Child Development - Grades 9, 10, 11, 12
Intro to Family and Consumer Science (required) - Grade 9
Intro to Family and Consumer Science (required) - Grade 8

Foods and Nutrition:
In Nutrition: safeguarding the family health, the efficient kitchen, choosing-using-and-care of appliances are the units covered. In the Food Preparation area, the units covered will be dairy products, breads and cereals, cakes, pies, fruit, vegetables, salads, soups, meat and poultry; selection, serving and storage is explored. Also, exploring the Food Guide Plate and how to eat healthy will be covered.

Food and Fiber:
Student’s interested in improving their cooking skills and abilities in a more involved way will explore food preservation, add finishing touches to food, entertaining, cooking customs from many countries and regions in the United States as well as preparing foods characteristic of these regions are emphasized. Students will also be responsible for planning and hosting a party with a group of others. Students will construct a sewing project to utilize sewing skills. The student will choose what they want to sew and parents may view it if they so choose. The student will be required to pay for the project.

Child Development:
This course explores the back ground and reasons for early childhood education programs; provides an opportunity for students to be introduced to child development and types of programs that exist; growth and development of child from pregnancy to age five; family planning, birth process, parenting and care giving is discussed; discipline vs. punishment, development and purpose of play, development of curricula areas are also studied; guidance techniques are taught. Experience with simulation; Baby…Think It Over; also mini craft units will be incorporated into the curriculum.

9th Grade Intro Family and Consumer Sciences:
This course is designed to introduce all 9th grade students to Family and Consumer sciences. The focus of Pennsylvania Academic Standards for Family and Consumer Sciences education is the individual, family, and community. Family experiences, to a great extent, determine who a person is and what a person becomes. Family and Consumer Sciences support the development of the knowledge and skills that students need as family members both now and in the future. Financial and Resource Management, Balancing Family, Work, and Community Responsibility, Food Science and Nutrition, Child Development. Students will experience the Baby…think it over program.