Foreign Language Department

French I and/or Spanish I - Grade 9
French II and/or Spanish II - Grades 10-12
Spanish III - Grades 11-12
Spanish IV - Grade 12

French I or Spanish I:

Students learn the fundamentals of conversation, structure, and vocabulary during the first year. In addition, the culture of the people where the languages are spoken is discussed. At the end of the first year, students should have the very basics of the language mastered. Prerequisite: Minimum overall average 75% in 7th and 8th grade English.

French II or Spanish II:

Further development of vocabulary and structure occurs in the second year. Students are expected to gradually develop their proficiency in conversation through oral practice of the vocabulary and structures presented. Cultural aspects of the people who speak the languages continue to be studied. It is recommended that a student have a 85 average in the first year to advance to the second.

Spanish III/IV:

This is a combined course. Students continue to develop their proficiency through the active use of the vocabulary and structures they learned in the first two years. There is a further emphasis on vocabulary. Most of the grammar learned in the first two years is reviewed in the third year, and virtually all grammar in the fourth year is a review. The course differs in vocabulary and in the civilization, cultural, and historical aspects which are covered. It is recommended that a student have a 85 to advance to the third or fourth year.