The following courses cover the Pennsylvania academic standards for Health, Safety, and Physical Education.
10th Grade Health:
This course is a quarter course and its main objective is to elaborate in great detail the drugs and alcohol epidemic that is sweeping through today’s youth. We discuss various drugs and the short and long term effects that occur within the body. We discuss the short and long term ramifications that come along with Drug use and all who may be impacted beyond the user. This is accomplished through classroom discussions, videos, work sheets and guest speakers.

11th Grade Health:

This course is now a semester course in which students meet every day. The purpose of this course is to provide students with an understanding of the functions of the human body and mind, and implant in them a desire to obtain the highest degree of physical and mental fitness which includes proper nutrition and exercise and the prevention for drug, alcohol and tobacco use. The course will also teach students to handle emergency situations for respiratory failure and cardiac arrest in victims of all ages as well as standard first aid procedures. Certification by the EMS Safety Services is available in both areas. Information on sexually transmitted diseases, relationships, nutrition, and suicide prevention are also covered in great detail. This is accomplished through classroom discussions, videos, work sheets and guest speakers.

Physical Education:

This course covers the Pennsylvania academics standards of Health, Safety, and Physical Education. Physical Education is that phase of education which endeavors to promote physical fitness through instructional and participation in activities which develop strength, speed, agility, endurance, fundamental motor skills and individual and social conduct and attitudes favorable to maintenance of physical fitness by participation. All Physical Education students who have a medical excuse must do one of two things to receive a grade in Physical Education class. (1) Students will dress for class, do what exercises possible and help in the class by keeping score or referring. (2) Go to the library or study hall with a term paper assignment which must be handed in at the end of Medical excuse or quarter to receive a grade. Classes missed for absence or disciplinary reasons must be made up as so as possible. P.E. grading system is based on being prepared for class with proper P. E. uniform along with cooperating with classmates/ teachers according to school policy. Students must fully engage in each class objective to receive full credit per class. Points will be deducted/added based on objective participation. Sleeved T-shirt, athletic gym shorts, and proper gym sneakers. It also includes full participation by the students in the class. If the student does not have the proper uniform and/or footwear for P.E., it is considered an unexcused class. The student will have 10 points deducted from his or her grade per unprepared class.

Driver Education:

The course if offered online through, a Pennsylvania Department of Education approved provider. You will be scheduled computer lab time 2 out of every 6 days to complete the course. A final exam score of 75 must be achieved to attain a certificate of completion. Each student will get a final grade on their report card at the end of the school year.